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What are the benefits of in-home pet sitting over kenneling or boarding?

By coming to you, your pet(s) are able to keep their NORMAL, daily routine.  This reduces and sometimes, eliminates any unwanted stress.  Stress can affect animals in many different ways: diarrhea, loss of appetite, anxiety, depression and so much more.  


In most boarding facilities, animals are kept in crates or kennels for the majority of the day, except for potty breaks and possibly a short amount of playtime. Through us,  pet(s) are able to sleep, play, eat and relax in the comfort of their own home.  This reduces exposure to illnesses and viruses that your pet would otherwise be "safe" from. Some kennels or boarding facilities may also require additional vaccinations, costing you more money. 


By choosing in-home pet sitting, your pet(s) will received individualized attention and exercise from a passionate, pet-loving sitter.   Services are tailored to meet the needs of you, your pet(s) and your home. This includes: specified meal-times, snack-time, play-time and most importantly, SNUGGLE-time! Visits can be once a day or multiple times a day, ensuring your cuddly critter is receiving the proper care and attention they deserve!

In addition to pet care, our sitters will also look over and take care of your home!  Our home services include but are not limited to: indoor/outdoor plant watering, mail/newspaper/package retrieval, light/curtain/blind adjustments, trash/recycling services, scooping of kennels, yards, litter boxes, trays, cages, etc. 

Do you have experience with rare or exotic pets?

Being a Veterinary Assistant, I have had a lot of experience with different types of animals.  I am comfortable with all sizes & temperaments of birds & all types of rodents. I also have experience with lizards, snakes & amphibians and have handled multiple large spiders. Though I have never owned chickens, I have treated/handled them in the clinic and am knowledgable about their care/needs.

How many dogs can you walk at once?

We have a 4 dog maximum, as long as they are well behaved and leashed trained.

My cat needs to go to the vet. Can you take her?

Unfortunately, no.  Squawks Walks & Whiskers does not provide a pet transportation service.  In the event of a medical emergency during your walk or visit, YES!, we will definitely take your pet to the vet appointed by you.

How will the sitter enter my home?

For security purposes, SW&W has only 2 forms of entry:
1. A key supplied by you is kept in a lockbox that is attached to a door or other secure area appointed by the homeowner. 
2. Garage access code: Sitter can enter/exit through garage with code. 
All clients are able to purchase a secure lockbox through us that attaches to most door knobs/handles or can use a lockbox already purchased by the client.  It is required to keep a spare key on file in case first form of entry fails.

I have a walk scheduled, but there is inclement weather in the forecast.

In the case of severe weather: heavy rain, freezing temperatures or extreme heat, we will always do our very best to keep you and your pet happy.  In any situation, your pet will be taken outside long enough to poop/pee, but then be taken back inside where they are safe from the elements.